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BBQ in 2021 is going to be big!

BBQ in 2021 is going to be big!
The Grocer Britain's BBQ Boom (copyright, The Grocer March 2021)
The Grocer Magazine recently published a report on the enormous growth of BBQ's during 2020. With everyone locked down and unable to go to restaurants it seems inevitable that home cooking on the BBQ would be on the rise but it turns out it was an explosion*!
Let's look at the numbers:
  • A record 189.9m BBQ occasions, a rise of 40%**
  • 72% more sausages hit the grills***
  • Rise of 18% spend per person****

I believe that BBQ 2021 is going to be much bigger than 2020. People can control who comes in their home and are eager to host their friends and family. It's all set to be an absolute belter of a summer so fingers crossed for some good weather and here are some simple ways to up your game. 

If you still think they you are pushing the boat out by doing a minty lamb burger and a salad with some sultanas in, you a need to have a word with yourself. 

It's not tricky to have a great BBQ, whether you fancy a big banger hot dog (I love the tequila in a bun), or are up early to do an 8 hour brisket, just buy quality ingredients where you can and get cracking.  

*Not quite like this apocalyptic picture.
** 20% of this could be attributed to my cousin's fridge freezer breaking
***A lot of them were rubbish.
****That's an extra corn on the cob right there.

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The only delivery van with a sausage in a speedboat on the side?

The only delivery van with a sausage in a speedboat on the side?


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