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The Head Banger

We make the sausages we want to eat.

I’m Dickie Kieswick and once upon a time I got really angry. I was livid at all the bull**** with sausages. Cider flavour with…no flavour, high meat content rocks of pork, 42% meat content slime. Looking back I don’t know why I was so angry, but it provoked me into making my own bangers. After all, I love a good sausage and if nobody would make them for me, I’d make them myself.

I started creating my own recipes with punchy flavours that you can really taste. I had a sausage party at a lovely local butchers with my pals, and my bonkers booze fuelled creations were soon being made in my kitchen most weekends as the experiments continued. Eventually things got serious.

Creating the perfectly balanced big boozy banger is actually a bit of a bloody nightmare. It took a long time and an amazing team of sausage makers at a friends farm, but eventually we cracked it.

Things have escalated since and somehow we now have a lovely Sausage company and we’ve been a finalist in the Great British Food Awards and Highly Commended at the UK Sausage Awards. Boom.

It’s my name on the front and face on the pack as I’d never sell a sausage I didn’t want to eat.